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I5: PHP Front End 101

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PHP Front End

This example starts with a RPG based 5250 DVD search program and brings it to the web by mix/match of various PHP components. The 5250 RPG program has been factor into Model, View, Control (MVC) components to demonstrate good modern RPG coding practice that allows for easy switching of any component, but none of the example code is Object Oriented.


5250 RPG 101

A 5250 tutorial for PHP programmers looking to understand basic RPG and display file programming. The example is a simple 5250 DVD search program that uses a subfile to display the result list of DVDs. There is a main program (*PGM) that controls the display file (view/control), and a *SRVPGM that handles all the RPG native file i/o to the database (model).

i5 call RPG 101

Using the i5 toolkit to front-end a RPG 5250 style program back-end. We will replace the 5250 display file with a PHP front-end calling the same *SRVPGM back-end.

ibm_db2 101

Using the same front-end PHP view/control code with a PHP ibm_db2 model. In this case we replace the RPG *SRVPGM element with a ibm_db2 PHP script.

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