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Who is this page for?

Instructions designed for IBM i developer learning PHP starting from ground zero …


On IBM i …

On laptop …

Check your odbc configuration

Walk before we run … check if client access ODBC is working from command line.

Q: How do I test my odbc connection?
A: use odbc tool isql
>isql myibmi MYID MYPASSWORD

If isql is working there is a good chance that PHP odbc will be working.

$conn = odbc_connect("myibmi","MYUID","MYPWD");

odbc configuration (if you need help)

If you need iAccess drivers DBC instructions {Linux ODBC}.

odbc running on IBM i

Most IBM i configurations will already have ODBC running for various other iAccess products, but if you need STRHOSTSVR SERVER(*DATABASE) is the command to start the ODBC IBM i server.

Run to IBM i

On your laptop create these files for testing via Zend Studio (or Apache, or command line)..


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