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If you are a Microsoft .Net developer and would like to utilize XMLSERVICE for data access to IBM i data from a .Net or .Net Core applications, grab a copy of the XMLSERVICE .Net Wrapper and try it out.

Anyone who improves the code or wants to provide C# or VB samples that use the class, your input will be appreciated.

There is a Powerpoint deck on the GitHub site with the downloads so you can get an overview before you start using the API.

The project was recently converted to be a .Net Standard class library which means it works with the regular .Net Framework for Windows V4.6.1 and above as well as .Net Core 2.0.0 and above on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Please direct all feedback to the GitHub project or email me [ | Richard Schoen ] .

IBM i Multi-platform Xmlservice .Net Wrapper for Dotnet Standard - nuget package.

Use immediately in a new .Net 4.6.1 and above project for Windows or .Net Core 2.0.0 project for Windows, Linux or MacOS to provide IBM i data access to your project.

IBM i XMLSERVICE Data Access Service Wrapper for Dotnet Standard - GitHub site.


Richard Schoen -