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This is not the Zend PHP Toolkit interface, instead this is what happens below that “nice” PHP interface wrapper.

{Download Code} - Download demo code below.

Step 1) Install XMLSERVICE

1) XMLSERVICE main page has download "latest" and install instructions.

Optional: XMLSERVICE download includes alternate CRTXML2 CL program that updates Zend production library ZZENDSVR RPG - compile into ZENDSVR (see installation).

Step 2) Configuration (fix for CCSID 65535)

IMPORTANT: If you are running a machine with CCSID 65535 (and nothing works), please read and follow the documentation (main XMLSERVICE page), setting valid CCSID like 37 for Apache (web) and/or command line PHP (pear tests).

/www/zendsvr/conf/httpd.conf (web admin GUI port 2001 - ZENDSVR):

DefaultFsCCSID 37  ... or 280 (Italian) ... or so on ...
CGIJobCCSID 37     ... or 280 (Italian) ... or so on ...

Step 3) Choose PHP interface

XMLSERVICE will run across many interfaces, here a few samples that were tested from PHP 1-tier and 2-tier clients.

Step 4) Run a program

Using the interface above, run a program.

  • CallPgm_w_DS_params.php - Use HTML form to Program Call with two parameters
    • ibm_db2 - <input type="hidden" name="driver" value="ibm_db2">
    • odbc - <input type="hidden" name="driver" value="odbc">
    • pdo_ibm - <input type="hidden" name="driver" value="pdo_ibm">
    • rest - <input type="hidden" name="driver" value="rest">
  • Call_RPG_example.php - Program Call with Data structure parameters
  • CallSrvPgmFunc.php - Service Program call that returns function value
  • CLcommand.php - Display Library (DSPLIBL) command


Tony “Ranger” Cairns - IBM i PHP / PASE