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You may want to refer to the DB2 connection link before reading this page PHP DB2 Connection topics.

change XMLSERVICE 1.7.3+

The default setting for SBMJOB of all XMLSERVICE jobs was changed to INLLIBL(*CURRENT) better follow the user profile of QSQSRVR job. If you are having difficulty with private connections libl you may want to try this version.

setting *LIBL - what do i do?

Few other topics dealing with web programs cause more frustrations then setting IBM i library list (*LIBL), but if you follow a few rules it all works.

*LIBL conflict between web scripts and IBM i PGMs

Any good conflict needs a basic difference in philosophy causing all the trouble.

Rule of toolkit web *LIBL …

The following rules apply to all toolkit DB2 connections persistent (db2_pconnect, odbc_pconnect) and non-persistent (db2_connect, odbc_connect).

1) Specific examples for New PHP Toolkit

2) Specific examples for XMLSERVICE

3) Specific examples for New PHP Toolkit CW layer


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